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Circle the date

Our Manifesto

Upgrade your date night

🚫 No expensive books or boxes

🚫 No waiting for delivery or time slots

🚫 No boring dates!

✅ Spend quality time together

✅ More dates, more often

✅ Minimal planning means no excuses!

Circle the date

Step 1


Circle the date

Pick a challenge that intrigues you both and that you can enjoy right away.

Step 2

Complete the challenge

Circle the date

Now the fun really begins... But remember, once you've scratched it there's no second go!

Circle the date

Step 3


Circle the date

Don't forget to journal your experience to complete the challenge!

Give as a gift

The perfect gift
for both of you
to enjoy both of you

Our Story

Circle the date

Andrew & Itai
before lockdowns were invented

In January 2020, Andrew and Itai embarked on an adventure to create a new and exciting way for people to explore the world. Unfortunately coronavirus had other plans. What followed was the biggest hit to the global travel industry in living memory.

They found themselves spending far too much time stuck at home. Away from the office, staring at screens all day and night, and not spending quality time with their partners, they realised that this was the exact opposite of the world they wanted to create!

Enough was enough... Time to take action.

Circle the date

Enjoying a brief moment of freedom mid-2020

With life on pause, Andrew and Itai decided to create something a little different. Stuck at home in small London flats, both found it hard to think of fun and creative things to do with their partners within the confines of lockdown.

In asking "what are the best covid-safe activities to do together?" a new idea was born – Circle the date.

"We believe that during this lockdown, many people have really come to appreciate the importance of connection and relationship – and that's why you're here! We're delighted that you're joining us on our journey."

Andrew or Itai
after lockdowns were invented (but before Circle the date was invented...)

Circle the date


30 days

...then a monthly subscription,
but only if you love it!


That's easily cheaper than a cheap date...

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Help & FAQs

If you have any questions or feedback, drop us an email at [email protected]

Is the app available in my country?
The app is available anywhere with access to the App Store! Each date challenge has an estimated cost range listed in $USD.
We currently only offer our products in English.

What is your cancellation policy?
No hard feelings! We offer a 30-day customer satisfaction money-back guarantee. There is no contract so you can cancel anytime.
Follow the link to "Manage Subscription" in the app, or cancel through Apple billing settings.

Will we know what's needed before committing to a date?
There are icons to help you plan and prepare for the challenge ahead! For example, if you see a baby icon, you may need a babysitter to complete the challenge. If you see a tree icon, prepare to spend time outside. Tap each icon for an explanation.

Press & Partnerships

If you have any questions or feedback, drop us an email at [email protected]

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